About me

ANA MARIA ESTRADA is an unstoppable woman, with a lot of vitality… a person in continuous action, whose life goes from project to project, being her driving force her passion for the arts and her career, integral part of her life since childhood.

Actress, producer, entrepreneur, and director, Estrada has the distinction of working in both, the Hispanic American market and the General market, better known as Hollywood. Peruvian by birth, she currently resides between the cities of New York, Lima and Miami, which allow her to work easier in various artistic projects. Her love for the performing arts started at an early age and decided to polish her talents studying acting with wonderful masters in New York, Los Angeles, and London. She also studied film at the prestigious New York Film Academy.

Estrada, a member of the important AFTRA and SAG actor unions, has produced several independent films under her own company, Dakini Productions and with Triangle Entertainment, among them Teresa, the lover of the Liberator (2014), a film for which was nominated for Best Actress at the Islantilla Film Festival in Spain. Estrada served as an actress and producer of the series made for television, Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martín de Porres, series translated into several languages and presented in several countries, appreciated by more than 90 million people.

For her outstanding work, she has received the award for Best Performance by the Latin entities of awards in the city of New York, the Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors (H.O.L.A.) and the Association of Cronistas de Espectáculos ACE. As if that were not enough, in homage to Peruvian women she was honored in Miami with the TUMI Excellence Award (2014); and for her work in favor of the culture and the arts, in 2008 received a recognition award at the White House in Washington DC. In September of 2019, we will see Estrada in the film La pasión de Javier (Javier’ Passion) in the role of Miss Murakami.

We can’t forget her role in the film Girl in Progress (2012) where she shares scenes with the protagonist Eva Mendes. In the film Category 5 (2014), she had the honor to work with the late actor Burt Reynolds. Estrada’s performances in the movies Salvation and in Hell Girl (a horror movie where the actress plays the role of a detective) are also well remembered in her career. But her work not only stands out in films since in her native Peru she has also served as a judge for the International Film Festival PUCP. She is currently a jury and presenter of short films at the Film Festival in Lima, Peru. But her work is not only limited to the big screen, but also to the theater where Estrada created RASCOS, her own theater company where she produced and worked in more than thirty plays with diverse Latin American actors, work for which she had won many awards and prizes.

Not satisfied with all the work done, Estrada was inspired to write, produce and direct her own short films as is the case of Do this happened to you?, which in addition to been invited to participate in renowned international film festivals such as the Oasis Short Film Festival, the South Africa Film Festival, the London World Wide Festival, and the Madrid International Film Festival, was awarded as the Best Short Film in a Foreign Language at the Nice International Film Festival in France. This award was presented on May 2019, after competing among 100 short films from all around the world. As if this was not enough, with Do this happened to you?, Estrada won the Best Short Film award for a Growing Artist at the Fusion Film Festival in Valencia, Spain. Also in May 2019, she received the pleasant surprise of winning the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the SADI Festival in South Africa.

Outside of the performing arts, she is a partner with her brother Gustavo in Supreme Consultant, a health agency, where they help with jobs to more than 200 people. With all these glories and awards, Ana María Estrada still the same simple woman whose maximum pride is to represent wherever she goes, her beloved Peru and South America.